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Field Layout


FishHawk Sports Complex
16112 FishHawk Blvd.
Lithia, FL 33547


Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are allowed at the Park but must be kept on a leash or otherwise controlled. 

Pets, Emotional Support animals, and Service Animals in Training are NOT considered Service Animals. For the safety of your animal and others, please keep these animals at home.

Some guidelines to understanding the rules:

HC Parks & Recreation Field Standard

An athletic field should be considered closed for play if any part of the field becomes unsafe for field users or if conditions exist where use will cause damage to the field.

Environmental issues like lightning and heavy rain should also be considered for closing a field.

Any damage to the fields because of negligence by the league/teams/renters may result in the league/teams/renters incurring fees to repair the damage.

An athletic field should be considered closed if any of the following conditions exist:

  • There is standing water present on any part of the field that cannot be removed without causing damage to the field

  • There are muddy conditions present that will not dry by the start of practice/game

  • While walking on the field water can be seen or heard with a footstep

  • While walking on the field, any impression of your footprint is left in the surface

  • If water gathers around the sole of a shoe or boot on any portion of the field

REMEMBER: Standing water occurs because the ground is saturated. Removing standing water does not eliminate the saturation. It is the saturation and not standing water that causes damage and unsafe conditions.

Main Soccer Complex Fields

Current Main Complex Field Map

Field Map @ Nov 2021

Current Randall Field Map