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Brendan McCafferty


Experienced and forever learning youth soccer coach with great success in the development of teams, players, and people.  


US Soccer 

  1. Introduction to Grassroots Soccer, in person, 10/2019

  2. 4v4 Grassroots Soccer, in person, 10/2019

  3. 7v7 Grassroots Soccer, online, 4/2020

  4. 7v7 Grassroots Soccer blended online and in-person, 2/2021

  5. 11v11 Grassroots Soccer blended online and in-person, 2/2021

  6. US Soccer D License


Florida Hawks Football Club

Recreation Coach / 2017-2021

Successfully coached recreation teams progressively from U5 to U8/U10 age group in an environment that created noticeable and measurable development of players and teams.  100% player retention, and requests for consecutive coaching assignments.


Recreation Age Group Coordinator / Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Coordinated teams, coaching, training and communication for U8-U10 girls age group.


Tampa Dynamo

Head Coach for U17 and U18 Boys competitive team / 2016-2018

Took over U17 team which was riddled with issues, leading the league in red cards and bottom of the league records.  Turned around culture and accountability to win USA league and several tournaments with no red cards issued for the year.  Composed U18 team with core of Newsome High School seniors who went on to have a very successful High School Season.


West Florida Flames

Head Coach U9/U10 Academy teams and U11 Boys competitive teams / 2008-2010

Successfully coached and trained boys academy program, which developed into one of the strongest teams in the state.  Won several tournaments, including Disney Showcase Tournament.  Coached U11 B team to a final 4 result in Region C Cup.


Players Club of Tampa Bay

Head Coach U8 to U11 competitive team and U8 to U10 competitive team / 2003-2008

Successfully coached and trained 2 boys teams, one 1997/1998 team and one 1998/1999 team.  Coached 1997/1998 team from no win season to winning league and then winning Region C Cup in the course of 3 consecutive years and winning every tournament entered in final year, including Disney Showcase Tournament.  Coached young 1998/1999 team to Region C Cup semi-finalist in U9 year.