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Fall - Registration (2019)

Our general registration for the Fall 2019 season is now OPEN!


Please continue to check our website, Facebook and your emails for further details. If you are NOT a returning player or current member, you may sign up for our mailing list on our home page to get any email updates for our programs.

Registration Fees

This year we have two options for registration provided. Depending on which option you choose will depend on the pricing structure.


  1. Standard Registration: $185 (includes $60 refundable volunteer deposit)
  2. Registration + Pre-Season Camp: $210 (includes $60 refundable volunteer deposit)


  1. Standard Registration: $210 (includes $60 refundable volunteer deposit)
  2. Registration + Pre-Season Camp: $235 (includes $60 refundable volunteer deposit)

*Please Note: Registration fees for 5U - 7U do not include referees, but a referee or a referee in training may be assigned at the discretion of the referee assignor. Registration fees for 8U - 19U include a referee. Registration fees for all players include a new uniform kit.

Age Groups

Eligible Age Groups: 5U-19U

Players are divided into an Age group based on the year in which they were born. FYSA and US Soccer use these "Age Groups" to define field size, team composition and ball size.

For the 2019/2020 Season:

  • U5: Birth Year 2015
  • U6: Birth Year 2014
  • U7: Birth Year 2013
  • U8: Birth Year 2012
  • U9: Birth Year 2011
  • U10: Birth Year 2010
  • U11: Birth Year 2009
  • U12: Birth Year 2008
  • U13: Birth Year 2007
  • U14: Birth Year 2006
  • U15: Birth Year 2005
  • U16: Birth Year 2004
  • U17: Birth Year 2003
  • U18: Birth Year 2002
  • U19: Birth Year 2001

* Please review the age group chart below for any questions.

Online Registrations

All registrations will be done on-line. Registration may be closed earlier if capacity is reached, so please register early to secure your spot. The only acceptable method of payment is credit card.

Practice Nights

During registration, you will be allowed the opportunity of selecting ONE (1) practice nights for which you're NOT available. When building teams, we will do our very best to honor your request to have practice one of these nights; however, we cannot make any guarantees. Building teams is a complicated process, and there are many variables including the availability of coaches, field space, etc....

Practice Schedule

Teams will be scheduled to practice once per week, for one (1) hour.


Head Coaches that are assigned to a team, and have completed all FYSA/county coaching requirements will receive credit of 6 hours towards the volunteer rebate and will receive the $60 rebate back plus an additional refund per the chart below.

Assistant Coaches that are assigned to a team, and have completed all FYSA/county coaching requirements, will be eligible for a refund of the $40 volunteer deposit for one (1) player assigned to that team. All reimbursements for coaches shall be made upon completion of the season. The money the Club will retain, after the refund is applied, covers background checks, Insurance, CPR training, Uniforms and Field Usage fees. To receive a volunteer rebate for other registered players (not being coached), an additional 2 hours of volunteer time may be completed.

Coaches that are returning for a subsequent season may opt to receive a "voucher code" instead of a check reimbursement. The voucher code would be provided to you via email and that you enter during the registration process to discount the cost of registration based on the refund table below.

Head Coach Refund Structure:

  • U5-U6: $60 volunteer reimbursement + $35 for a total rebate of $95. 
  • U7-U12: $60 volunteer reimbursement + $40 for a total rebate of $100. 
  • U13-U19: $60 volunteer reimbursement + $40 for a total refund of $100. 

Assistant Coach Refund Structure:

  • 5U-6U: $40 volunteer reimbursement. 
  • 7U-12U: $40 volunteer reimbursement.
  • 13U-19U: $40 volunteer reimbursement. 

Team Parent Volunteer Rebate

A team parent (assists coach with snack schedule, communications, game schedule, etc.) will receive credit of 2 hours ($30) towards the volunteer requirements. An additional 1 hour ($15) volunteer rebate will also be awarded for fulfilling the CPR requirement for the team.

Parent Volunteer Rebate (Recreation)

Refunds will be prorated based on actual hours volunteered (at a rate of $15/hr).

  • Up to 4 Hours per season for first player registered
  • Up to 2 Hours per season additional for second or more player registered in same program
  • Max - 6 Hours per family per season