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TARSA is an area association of recreational programs and is offered only in the Fall season.  TARSA is an acronym for Tampa Area Recreational Soccer Association ( and is a scheduling body open to area soccer clubs.  Playing TARSA feels a little like “travel soccer” because there are both home and away games playing other soccer clubs.  TARSA is a recreation play.  There are no tryouts, the season is shorter, everyone plays at least ½ the game, the coaches are volunteers, etc. just like in-house club recreation.

Tampa Area Recreational Soccer Association otherwise known as TARSA is a regional organization set up for affiliate and local soccer clubs to participate in recreational soccer. In age groups where a Tampa area soccer club does not have enough players to support an internal recreational league, TARSA has been established to provide the organization support for a recreational league between clubs. As in normal recreation play, there are no tryouts for the TARSA teams and all players see adequate playing time. At FishHawk Soccer Club the number of TARSA teams in corresponding age groups is determined after recreation-play enrollment.


The TARSA teams all play in the 11v11 format. Teams participating in TARSA can expect to play a fall season (mid-October to January) consisting of approximately 10 games. This program is offered in the Fall only. Unlike the In-House Recreational Soccer Program, TARSA incorporates teams from all around the Tampa Bay area, so there is travel involved. Home games will be played at the FishHawk Sports Complex. Away games are usually within an hour’s drive. There is a TARSA End of Season (EOS) tournament plus opportunities for other recreation tournaments after the regular season. Currently, there is no TARSA or club-to-club recreational play during the Spring season, however, FishHawk Soccer Club has been successful in combining age groups for internal recreational league play.

Most games are played during the day Saturday; however, games can be played on Sunday due to field availability or other factors (rescheduled games). The times of the games are set by the home team. The full schedule will be posted on the TARSA website.


Eligible Age Groups: U11-U19

Players are divided into an Age group based on the year in which they were born. FYSA and US Soccer use these "Age Groups" to define field size, team composition, and ball size.