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Mission Statement

Florida Hawks Futbol Club's mission is to create a fun culture focused on bringing out the very best in each youth-athlete. We strive to develop both their technical skills and life skills. This is achieved by applying our core values in every day soccer and non-soccer related activities.

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Disicipline
  • Integrity
  • Committment
  • Leadership

Program Philosophy

Florida Hawks Futbol Club's philosophy is to develop elite soccer players at all levels of competition through education, repetition, hard work, perseverance, and personal growth. Our club's style of play is described as a patient, attacking minded, possession oriented 'futbol'. To be able to execute such a style, a great emphasis in our player development model is placed on the Technical & Tactical pillars of the game.

To develop players that can play the Hawks way, we make it our goal to provide platforms of education that promote individual growth both on and off the field. These platforms service the different needs of each athlete in respects to the technical, tactical, functional components of the game. Youth-athletes focus on ball mastery as their initial form of technical repetition with progression to repetition in functional training environments. Athletes will be challenged to be creative, think, make decisions, as well as understand and execute our core values every day, both on the field.